3 Myths Surrounding Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is often thought to be intimidating and painful. Due to the fear and unease surrounding root canal treatment, many patients put off having it done. However, this approach can lead to even more pain and damage to the teeth and mouth. Here are some common myths surrounding root canal treatment, debunked!

  1. Root Canal Treatment Is PainfulThis is probably the most common myth, and the most common fear, about root canal treatment. Fear of pain is a big reason people put off having treatment done. However, this is counterproductive, and can cause way more pain in the long run.Root canal treatment is performed in order to save an infected tooth. During treatment, the infected pulp and nerve inside the tooth is removed, and the inside of the tooth is fully cleaned and sealed back up. This will remove all infection, and prevent further infection. Having an infected tooth is very painful, which explains why people associate root canal treatment with pain. But the treatment itself is not painful!Root canal treatment is performed with the use of local anaesthetic. Having the treatment done is actually no more painful than having a cavity filled. Avoiding having root canal treatment will not only extend the pain of infection, but if left untreated, an infected tooth can lead to an abscess forming, which is even more painful, and can lead to loss of the tooth. Don’t put off a root canal due to fear of pain!
  2. It’s Better to Pull the ToothSometimes people believe extracting an infected tooth is a better option than having root canal treatment. This is definitely a myth! It’s always better to try and salvage an existing tooth than to have it pulled and replaced.Having a tooth extracted and replaced is a lengthier process than a root canal, and requires more visits to the dentist. If you have the option of root canal treatment to keep the tooth, it’s always a better option than pulling the tooth.
  3. Root Canal Treatment Can Damage Your ToothMany people think having root canal treatment can make your tooth more vulnerable to infection or decay in the future. This simply isn’t true, and should not be used as a reason to extract the tooth. Root canal treatment has a high success rate, and many teeth that have been treated last a lifetime, with no repeat treatment needed.

If you have an infected tooth, don’t fear root canal treatment! Contact your dentist right away.


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