Five Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Sleep apnea can be treated in a variety of ways. Depending on the severity of your condition you may need a breathing device or surgery.

Sleep Apnea Treatments

If you suffer from mild sleep apnea, a dental device – an oral appliance that resembles a mouthpiece – can fix your condition. Sleep apnea can be very dangerous if left untreated. If you or someone you share a bed with suffers from sleep apnea, don’t delay treatment.

There are five very important benefits of treating this disorder:

    1. Sleep like a log:

For those who are plagued with sleep apnea, you know that getting a good night’s sleep is almost impossible. With treatment, you will finally be able to catch up on some much needed rest. Imagine getting full nights of uninterrupted sleep, something that’s been evading you for years. By treating your apnea you will sleep better and feel better.

    1. Your health will improve:

If you suffer from diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular diseases, treating sleep apnea will not cure these illnesses. However, they will become much more manageable. When you don’t sleep properly, your body spends most of the next day trying to remedy that and can’t spend enough time working as it should. When you sleep well your body doesn’t have to worry about trying to keep you alert and can focus on dealing with other things in your system.

    1. No more snoring:

If you snore, you probably have no idea. Your husband/wife/partner on the other hand, they are probably sick of hearing your broken chainsaw-esque breathing. Your blocked airwaves are keeping them up at night. After sleep apnea treatment you will cease from snoring because you’ll be able to breathe properly without any obstructions. If you want your loved one to keep sharing a bed with you, get treatment so you stop snoring and keeping them awake.

    1. Alert and ready to go:

When was the last time you woke up in the morning feeling refreshed? If you suffer from sleep apnea, chances are, it’s been a while. Daytime fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea. Lack of focus and concentration during the day can lead to driving accidents and decreased productivity. When you can’t think clearly, your cognitive functions aren’t working to their full potential.  Treat your sleep apnea so you can wake up feeling like a million bucks and remain fully alert all day.

    1. Keep happiness in and depression out:

By letting your sleep apnea remain untreated, you are increasing your risk of depression. You may not realize how closely entwined your emotional stability is with your sleep patterns. The less you sleep, the lousier you feel. If you already have a history of depression, you are making it worse by leaving your sleep apnea untreated. Remember, your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

Sleep apnea can be fatal if left untreated. For more information about treatment options like dental devices, contact our office. We want you to start sleeping well!

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