Teeth Cleaning in Seton, Calgary

Professional teeth cleaning in SetonSierra Dental offers teeth cleaning services that are designed to give you a bright, healthy smile.

Taking care of teeth hygiene is one of the most important steps you can take towards a healthier lifestyle. Our dental team provides teeth cleaning services using the latest in dental technology and provides a thorough clean that will leave your teeth feeling squeaky clean.

With evening and weekend appointments and financing options available, we have you covered for all your teeth cleaning needs.

What Happens During a Hygienist Appointment?

During a dental hygiene appointment, one of our trained hygienists will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums.

This may include:

  1. Removing plaque and tartar: Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the surface of your teeth. Tartar is a harder, calcified form of plaque that can only be removed by a professional. Our dental hygienist will use special tools to scrape off plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums.
  2. Polishing your teeth: After removing plaque and tartar, our dental hygienist will use a powered toothbrush and toothpaste to polish your teeth, removing any remaining surface stains and making your teeth look clean and shiny.
  3. Flossing your teeth: Our dental hygienists use dental floss to clean between your teeth and along the gumline, removing any food particles or plaque that may have been missed during the cleaning process.
  4. Examining your mouth: Our dental hygienist will also look for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or other oral health issues. If they find any problems, they may recommend that you see a dentist for further evaluation and treatment.
  5. Providing oral hygiene instruction: The dental hygienist may also provide you with instructions on how to properly brush and floss your teeth at home, as well as make recommendations for products or techniques that can help you maintain good oral hygiene.

A dental hygiene appointment is an important part of maintaining good oral health and preventing dental problems from developing.

What Are The Benefits of Teeth Cleaning?

Regular teeth cleaning has several benefits:

  1. Prevention of tooth decay and gum disease: Professional teeth cleanings remove plaque and tartar that can build up on the teeth and lead to tooth decay and gum disease.
  2. Fresher breath: Professional teeth cleanings can help to eliminate bad breath by removing bacteria that can cause odours.
  3. Improved oral hygiene: Regular teeth cleanings can help to improve your overall oral hygiene by removing bacteria and debris from your mouth.
  4. Better appearance: Professional teeth cleanings can help to whiten and brighten your teeth, giving you a more attractive smile.
  5. Early detection of oral health problems: During teeth cleaning, the dental hygienist or dentist can identify early signs of oral health problems, such as cavities or gum disease, and provide treatment before the problems become more serious.

Overall, regular teeth cleanings are an important part of maintaining good oral health and can help to prevent a range of dental problems.

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At Sierra Dental, supporting our patients to maintain good oral health is our top priority.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses advanced dental tools for thorough teeth cleaning that removes plaque buildup, deep cleans areas between teeth and prevents unpleasant odours from forming.

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