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root-canal-procedure-airdrieOne of the specialist treatments we offer at Sierra Dental in Airdrie is Endodontics or root canal treatment. Endodontic therapy aims to restore the tooth by eliminating infection or disease. This resolves any tooth pain and sensitivity to repair your tooth like it’s new.

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Meet Our Endodontists

 Dr. Kiarash Shabehpour

Dr. Kiarash Shabehpour (or Dr. Kia as his patients tend to call him) started his dentistry journey in 1998. After earning his DDS degree in dentistry and practicing for a few years, he moved to Canada with his wife.

In Canada, he attended dental school again at the University of British Columbia for his 2nd degree in dentistry, this time a DMD, practiced for a few more years in both Vancouver and Prince George and then completed three extra years of specialist training in Endodontics at UBC. Dr. Shabehpour primarily helps his patients and colleagues with root canal-related treatments and surgeries on a referral basis. He is fluent in English and Farsi.

Dr. Adriana Hernandez

Dr. Adriana Hernandez obtained her BDS degree in Venezuela in 2005. Following several years of successful practice as a general dentist, she decided to further her expertise by specializing in Endodontics. Her journey as a specialist in Endodontics allowed her to serve the dental community in Venezuela with high skill and dedication for several years.

Later on, Dr. Hernandez, along with her husband and three children, relocated to Canada. In Canada, she pursued additional dental education at the University of British Columbia, where she earned certification for her specialty degree. Today, Dr. Hernandez primarily assists patients and colleagues with root canal treatments and endodontic surgeries on a referral basis. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

What Does an Endodontist Do?

The tooth comprises vital nerves and tissues that help with sensation, protection, and health. This is called the pulp tissue, located in the innermost area of the tooth in the chamber and canals. If there is an infection, natural tooth functions are compromised. This is where an endodontist can help.

An endodontist is a dental specialist in root canal treatment. When you go to an endodontist in Airdrie, your primary concern is likely a severely damaged or decayed tooth or an infection. Through a root canal, the diseased tooth is cleaned and medicated to remove and prevent bacteria, ultimately restoring the tooth to its optimal health.

You can call your endodontist a real-life tooth fairy as they work to preserve and save the tooth. Not only is the infection removed, but the tooth’s structure and appearance are reinforced and renewed with a restorative treatment that your endodontist will complete afterwards.

Signs that You Need a Root Canal

Many telltale signs point to a possible root canal treatment, such as: 

  • Severe toothache
  • Pain during chewing
  • Sharp pain with hot and cold foods or drinks
  • Lingering tooth sensitivity
  • Inflamed and tender gums around the affected tooth
  • Dark, discoloured tooth
  • “Pimple” on the gums

If you are experiencing any of these, please schedule a visit with an Endodontist in Airdrie as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment will help improve your chances of saving the infected tooth.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Your dentist may recommend a root canal for several reasons, but the ultimate goal is to preserve the tooth.

Eliminates disease

Each tooth canal is thoroughly cleaned to remove bacteria that cause infection. This can help reverse any disease and restore the health of the tooth. 

Prevents bacteria growth

Root canal treatment involves filling the canal with a biocompatible material that will prevent bacteria from seeping into the tooth. This provides a long-lasting tooth restoration that can last many years with great care.

Restores and protects the tooth

The final step in root canal therapy at Airdrie is to complete a restoration. After all the infection is removed, your dentist will fill the tooth with durable composite material or cap it with a dental crown. These reinstate the strength of the tooth, allowing it to withstand daily chewing habits without damage to the natural tooth structure. 

Preserves the tooth

Root canal treatment is indicated if the tooth decay is too large for a dental filling. This is the last resort your dentist can make to preserve the tooth and prevent extraction. So, if you think you may need a root canal treatment, it is best to act now to avoid the irreversible consequences of tooth loss.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

The process of root canal treatment involves several steps that include removing infection, cleaning the root canals, and restoring the tooth, whether it is a filling or a dental crown. Here’s how you can expect the procedure to go:

Planning your treatment

Root canal treatment is not the same for everyone. X-rays are taken to properly diagnose your case and plan the rest of your treatment. This will assess the severity of the infection and the best approach to remove it.

Placing anesthesia

Then, your endodontist in Airdrie will administer anesthesia to numb the area and keep you comfortable during the procedure. Once that takes effect, a “dam” will be placed to keep the root canal area sterile by preventing seepage of saliva and other debris.

Root canal cleaning and shaping

An opening will be made to access all root canals and expose the inflamed pulpal tissue. Then, each canal is cleaned and debrided to remove infection and bacteria. It is also shaped to optimize the placement of a filling material that will help with long-term tooth preservation.

Filling and restoring

Once the root canals are thoroughly disinfected and properly shaped, the next step is filling. Then, the tooth is restored with a composite resin to renew its function and overall health. If a considerably larger amount of tooth structure is removed, your dentist will consider a dental crown as a final restoration.

These are just the general steps in basic endodontics and will still differ in every patient. If you have a significantly larger infection, it can take a longer time to clean the root canals. For that, a temporary filling will be placed. The tooth is cleaned, medicated, and refilled for a few appointments until the infection is reduced to a smaller size.

Aside from this procedure, your endodontist may also employ surgical endodontic procedures depending on your case. These will be discussed during the first step of your treatment, during the treatment plan process.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

One of the many questions our endodontists receive is, “does a root canal hurt?”. Some mild discomfort is inevitable, especially during an extensive infection. But it is not true that most assume that it is painful. Keeping an infection and allowing it to spread will hurt more than a root canal treatment.

At Sierra Dental, our dentists and staff aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible during every procedure. During root canal treatment, we employ measures such as anesthetics to help provide a positive experience.

If you are experiencing dental anxiety or want to feel zero pain or sensitivity, we also have sedation options that can be provided for you during your treatment.

Looking for an Endodontist in Airdrie?

Sierra Dental in Airdrie is home to expert endodontists who have invested in their skills and knowledge to provide patients with effective root canal treatment. We also have top-notch equipment in a modern facility to provide you with a safe and comfortable experience.

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