Teeth Cleaning in Airdrie

airdrie-teeth-cleaningPreventative dentistry procedures such as routine teeth cleaning and dental check-ups are the most effective ways to prevent dental diseases and maintain optimal oral health.

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Why are regular teeth cleaning and check-ups important?

For your comprehensive check-up, your teeth, gums, tongue, and bite will be assessed to identify the early signs of dental problems. This is a vital step in hygiene maintenance. With this, our dentist can provide early treatment to minor issues, leading to the prevention of extensive and expensive dental work.

As for professional teeth cleaning, the routine removal of plaque and bacteria helps to keep your teeth and gums in good health. While your at-home hygiene routine helps remove irritants, there are still certain areas that cannot be cleaned with just a toothbrush. Such include the back molars and underneath the gums.

So to prevent the build-up of bacteria causing decay, bad breath, and other dental diseases, teeth cleaning with your dental hygienist in Airdrie is important.

What to expect at your teeth cleaning appointment?

Hygiene appointments are done every 6 months. On your scheduled visit, you can expect the following procedures to be carried out:

  • Comprehensive Dental Examination

No teeth cleaning in Airdrie is complete without an assessment of your oral health status. X-rays or scans may be used to closely check your mouth structures. This is done to identify diseases and potential signs of dental problems. From their examination, our dentist can formulate a treatment plan in case you need any dental treatments.

  • Teeth Scaling and Polishing

Then, our dental hygienist at our Airdrie clinic will proceed with thorough cleaning and scaling of your teeth. This is done using high-frequency ultrasonic scalers that vibrate against the tooth surface to remove plaque, tartar, and hard deposits. These are irritants that house bacteria, causing common dental problems.

Once all teeth are cleaned, your teeth will be polished using a brush and paste to lift surface stains. And lastly, you are to gargle with mouthwash to leave your breath feeling clean and fresh.

  • Fluoride Treatment

If opted, you can have a fluoride varnish coated on your teeth surfaces. This is especially advised for children. Fluoride optimizes the strength of your teeth by making them acid-resistant. Acid is the number one cause of decay and is present in plaque. So with fluoride defense, you can have a healthier smile.

  • Patient Education

Lastly, our dentist will impart important tips for proper at-home hygiene care. This is another preventative procedure that we emphasize so your smile will remain healthy just as it is beautiful.

What do dentists look for in a routine check-up?

Your dentist takes care of more than just your teeth. It is a fact that your oral health affects your general health. So any disease or infection will likely cause problems to your overall wellbeing. This is what your dentist wants to prevent.

During a routine dental check-up, here are some things your dentist will look out for:

  • Tooth decay – Indicated by brown or black spots on or a hole in the tooth, tooth decay needs immediate treatment while it is still small.
  • Gum disease – Gingivitis happens when plaque and bacteria are left to accumulate, irritating the gums. Usual signs that you have gingivitis are swelling and bleeding of the gums.
  • Periodontal problems – Progressive gum disease results in periodontal disease. This is a dental disease that affects the bone surrounding the tooth. So, you can expect to have sensitive and even loose and wobbly teeth in more severe cases.
  • Oral cancers – Screening for signs of oral cancers is done during your regular dental check-ups.
  • Jaw disorders – Aside from the teeth, your jaws are also checked for possible abnormalities. Common signs and symptoms of jaw disorder are clicking jaw sounds, pain, and improper bite.
  • Bad oral habits – Lastly, oral habits such as night grinding or clenching can be very destructive if it is not treated early. And most patients do not usually know they have this problem unless their dentist tells them.

What happens after a check-up and teeth cleaning?

If your oral health is in good shape, our dentist and hygienist expect to see you in 6 months for your next teeth cleaning at our Airdrie dental practice. But for those with gum disease or periodontal problems, you will be asked to visit at a 3-month interval. Make sure to see your dentist at their recommended time to prevent disease progression.

And while at home, keep your dental tips and tricks in mind. These should help you keep your oral health in tiptop shape until your next hygiene appointment.

Dental Check-up and Teeth Cleaning in Airdrie

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tooth-coloured resins do not contain filling materials that cause side effects or allergic reactions, such as mercury, chromium, nickel, and/or beryllium alloys. In fact, there are no documented cases of sensitivities or allergic reactions to a composite resin, which makes it the ideal filling material for all kinds of people.

That said, it is best to visit your dentist for an initial consultation so you can be informed about all the materials available for dental fillings, their benefits, and side effects, before making your decision.