Zoom® Teeth Whitening

A remarkable whitening method that utilizes a specialized light to remove surface stains to provide you with maximum effectiveness right away!

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Sierra Dental Airdrie is a full-service dental clinic in Airdrie, offering a wide range of Cosmetic Dentistry services including ZOOM™ Teeth Whitening.

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Zoom Teeth Whitening

Our dental experts at Sierra Dental Airdrie offers a remarkable whitening method that utilizes a specialized light to remove surface stains to provide you with maximum effectiveness right away.

At Sierra, we use Zoom Teeth Whitening systems that utilize a specialized light to remove surface stains.

After the teeth are covered in a hydrogen peroxide gel, the light breaks down the hydrogen peroxide, allowing oxygen to penetrate the surface and remove stains.

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We understand that you are busy and don’t always have time to visit a dentist for a routine checkup in the middle of your Monday. That’s why we offer extended hours and select Saturday appointments. 

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To support our clients, we offer direct billing, predeterminations of treatments, and financial arrangements to all our patients to ensure smooth and easy payment transactions.

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We understand that dental services can be an unexpected expense. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans and options to suit our patients’ needs. Speak with one of our dental assistants to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Zoom whitening last?

How long your Zoom whitening will last depends on how well you take care of your teeth. If you eat a lot of foods or drink a lot of coffee and tea, you will find that your whitening won’t last as long because you are continually re-staining your teeth. Smoking will also cause your whitening to fade faster.

By following your teeth whitening up with proper dental hygiene, and watching what you eat and drink, your Zoom whitening can last for a few months. You may also want to add a whitening toothpaste to your regular dental hygiene schedule for a little extra boost in whitening power.

Can Zoom whitening damage teeth or gums?

With all teeth whitening products, there are risks to your teeth and gums. By getting your whitening done at our dental office, you ensure that safe steps are taken to keep your mouth healthy. Teeth whitening solutions, like Zoom, are safer when used under the care of a dental professional.

It is when you are whitening too often or leaving the solution on for too long that you begin to risk the health of your mouth. The best rule to follow is to never whiten at home unless you’re using a product approved by your dentist and follow the directions.

How can I improve the whiteness of my teeth?

There are a few different options, things you can do at home or at the dentist when it comes to whitening your teeth. The types of foods you eat and drink, as well as smoking, can stain your teeth – by watching what you’re putting in your mouth, you can prevent some stains before they even happen.

Once your teeth are stained, you can use whitening toothpaste to gradually whiten your teeth. For a more permanent, or longer lasting whitening, we can whiten your teeth right here in our office. It is safer to have your dental professional whiten your teeth than to use store bought whiteners at home. They can discolour your gums, cause burns, and even damage your teeth.

Is teeth whitening safe for pregnant women?

Common teeth whitening procedures, either at-home procedures such as whitening strips, or procedures performed by the dentist, haven’t been proven to create risks for you or your baby during pregnancy. However, there is simply not enough information to prove that teeth whitening during pregnancy is completely safe.

How long before my wedding should I get my teeth whitened?

You’ll want to make sure you schedule it ahead of time as well, as things tend to get hectic leading up to the big day.

The Zoom whitening treatment takes about 60 minutes and is performed in 15-minute phases. You will want to schedule a consultation before the treatment, as the dentist will need to examine your teeth and gums to make sure Zoom is right for you. It is also recommended to have a cleaning performed immediately prior to the treatment.

After your Zoom treatment, you should still take precautions to keep teeth their whitest. This means avoiding food and drink that will stain or discolour your teeth, such as coffee, red wine, sweets, and sugary drinks. You should also avoid smoking! Your dentist may give you an at-home whitening toothpaste in order to maintain the effects of the treatment.

Your teeth should be several shades lighter following treatment, and if properly cared for, the results should last a while. Some people experience sensitivity during and after the procedure. This can last up to a few days. or this reason, you should make sure there is some time between your teeth whitening and your wedding day, as you don’t want to be in any discomfort at your wedding.

How to keep my teeth white after a whitening procedure?

Here’re a few tips to help you maintain your newly achieved bright smile:

  1. Avoid Stain-Causing Foods And Drinks
  2. Rinse Your Mouth With Water After Eating And Drinking
  3. Stop Smoking
  4. Practice Proper Oral Hygiene
  5. Use A Straw
  6. Use at-home Whitening Trays

Lastly, don’t skip your dental checks. Ideally, you should visit your dentist every six months for professional cleaning and a proper oral exam. Your dental hygienist or dentist can easily polish away surface stains when cleaning your teeth, helping to fight discolouration without using bleaching products again.

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