5 Ways To Protect Your Child’s Oral Health

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It’s important to begin reviewing your child’s oral health regime as early as possible to protect their overall health for the future. As a parent, you probably have numerous other items to-do list during the busy time of your children’s youth, but it’s crucial that you set a strong foundation for healthy teeth and gums.

Protecting Child's Oral Health

Here are 5 ways to help protect your child’s oral health:

    1. Teach Effective Habits

One of the most important elements of protecting your child’s oral health is to instill in them a sense of personal commitment to their mouth. From an early age, it’s important to teach children the types of actions that can protect their teeth and gums.

The best way to do this is leading by example. Have your young children to follow mom or dad into the bathroom to brush their teeth at the same time. This shows them that it’s not a chore you are making them do, but rather an important part of everyone’s daily life.

    1. Reduce the Use of Formula and Juice

As a parent, it’s important that you don’t put your child down for a nap with a bottle of juice, formula or milk. These sugary liquids can stick to the child’s teeth and feed the bacteria that will eventually cause tooth decay.

To prevent this decay from occurring, try to place your child down with a bottle of water instead. This will help them to stay hydrated while minimizing the amount of sugar retention on their teeth.

    1. Visit a Professional as Early as Possible

When your child is close to one, or gets their first tooth, it’s time to schedule an appointment with the local dentist. The specialist can help analyze whether the child’s first teeth are coming in properly. They can also help prevent potential long-term issues by offering proactive care solutions at the first-signs of potential issues.

    1. Help Your Child Understand Nutrition

Effective nutritional support plays a large role in protecting children against future oral health issues. It’s not enough to tell children that vegetables and dairy should be a big part of their diet, you have to explain why. Cheese is especially important at an early age as hit helps provide children with calcium for stronger teeth and bones.

    1. Check Your Child’s Teeth and Gums Regularly

Parents can help ensure their children’s oral health is protected by regularly checking their teeth for signs of bleeding and swelling. Remember to check at least once each week to ensure that any problems are caught early and are be reported to your dental health professional.

By maintaining a commitment to early oral health care at home, parents can help their child develop healthy habits as they grow. To learn more on how to protect your child’s oral health, contact your trusted team directly!


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