What is the Average Filling or Cavity Price in Calgary?

Average Dental Fillings or Cavities Costs in Calgary

If you have a tooth with decay, cavity, chip, or crack, dental fillings may be what you need. A dental filling is commonly made from composite resin. This is a tooth-coloured material that is layered on the tooth to fill a hole or cavity. Then, it is hardened using a curing light to enhance its strength.

Dental fillings are the ideal treatment to restore the appearance and function of your tooth, prevent further decay and damage, and ultimately, save your tooth.

At Sierra Dental, we follow Alberta’s ADA Fee Guide for the cost of our dental treatments. This is a guide that regulates dental fees in Canada. It helps improve the trust among patients and the dental care providers when it comes to treatment costs. Following this guide, the filling or cavity cost in Calgary typically ranges from $169 – $338.

Filling or Cavity Cost in Calgary

How Much Does Filling or Cavity Cost in Calgary?

Dental Service Cost
1 Surface Filling (Permanent Tooth) Starting at $169
2 Surface Filling (Permanent Tooth) Starting at $206
3 Surface Filling (Permanent Tooth) Starting at $254
4 Surface Filling (Permanent Tooth) Starting at $314
5 Surface Filling (Permanent Tooth) Starting at $388

Understanding Filling or Cavity Prices

The cost of a filling highly depends on the number of tooth surfaces involved. The more tooth surfaces with decay, the more filling material is needed to repair the tooth. Because of this, you can expect higher costs for your filling.

Fillings prevent your tooth from further decay, which may eventually cause infection. This may result in more extensive and expensive dental treatments down the road, such as a root canal treatment, dental crown, or tooth extraction. With fillings, your dentist can remove any decay, alleviate any toothaches, strengthen the tooth, and restore it to optimal health.

Let us learn more about fillings and other factors that may affect the cost.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Filling or Cavity in Calgary

  • Extent of Decay: The larger the decay, the higher the cost. More tooth structure must be removed, so more material is needed to cover the cavity. Also, deeper tooth decay may require a base layer to prevent tooth sensitivity.
  • Tooth Involved: If the filling is for the anterior tooth, your dentist needs to be more meticulous with shade-matching to achieve a seamless restoration. This can also influence the price.
  • Primary or Permanent Tooth: A primary tooth may be repaired with fillings that contain fluoride for improved decay-prevention. This type of filling my vary in fees.

How Can I Pay for Filling or Cavity?

  • Personal Funds: Sierra Dental accepts payments through cash, personal cheques, debit cards, or credit cards.
  • Insurance: Most insurance policies cover dental fillings, but it is best to go over your plan to determine your coverage inclusions.
  • Canada Dental Benefit Program: Because fillings are part of basic dental care, this payment option can be accepted to help eligible families and individuals who may not have a private insurance or have financial barriers.
  • Student Dental Program: If eligible, clients of studentcare who are university and college students and their dependents can receive a significant reduction in cost.


Does insurance cover fillings or cavities?

Yes, check with your provider to learn about your eligibility.

Can I use the Canada Dental Benefit Program to cover filling or cavities?

Yes. Contact our team to discover your benefits under this government-sponsored initiative.

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