What is the Average Tooth Extraction Cost in Calgary

Average Tooth Extraction Cost in Calgary

Tooth extraction is the last resort for treatment after your dentist has exhausted all means to save your tooth. It may be that there is a large tooth decay or fracture or widespread infection and fillings or root canal therapy will no longer suffice. For this, it is best to remove the tooth to prevent further complications.

In Calgary, tooth extraction costs typically range from $177 to $468. There are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of your treatment. Generally, the more difficult the extraction is, the higher the expected fees. Also, if there are additional procedures such as bone removal or grafting, the cost can significantly increase.

Tooth Extraction Cost in Calgary

How Much Does Tooth Extraction Cost in Calgary?

Dental Service Cost
Simple Extraction $177
Surgical Extraction $300
Surgical Extraction of an Impacted Tooth $468
Surgical Extraction requiring bone grafting Starting at $1,037

Understanding Tooth Extraction Prices

When considering a tooth extraction, it is important to understand that not all cases are the same. Some teeth can be more easily extracted than others. An X-ray can help determine factors that may cause treatment difficulties.

Following Alberta’s ADA Fee Guide, tooth extraction cost at Sierra Dental ranges from $177 – $468. If there is a need for bone grafting, you can expect the fee to start at $1,037 and this will increase depending on how much bone material is needed for your specific procedure.

Tooth extraction alleviates pain and discomfort, reduces harmful bacteria that may harm surrounding teeth and gums, and prevents infection. Overall, getting that painful tooth removed improves your quality of life.

But aside from a pesky toothache, tooth extraction is also recommended if you need a smile improvement with orthodontic braces. The extracted teeth provide space to move and align your smile.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Tooth Extraction

  • Difficulty: Surgical removal of an impacted tooth requires a certain level of expertise. This will cost more compared to a simple tooth extraction.
  • Additional Procedures: Bone grafting can also increase your treatment cost. This procedure is recommended if you are to undergo future tooth replacement with dentures or implants.

How Can I Pay For Tooth Extraction?

  • Personal Funds: Our dental office accepts various payment methods including cash, personal cheques, or debit or credit cards.
  • Insurance: You may consider going over your insurance plan to determine if tooth extraction is included in your coverage.
  • Canada Dental Benefit Program: With this government-sponsored initiative, Canadians who do not have access to preventive and basic dental treatments can receive proper care.
  • Student Dental Program: If eligible, costs can be reduced with studentcare for university and college students and their dependents.


Does insurance cover tooth extraction?

Some insurance plans can cover tooth extraction. Check with your provider to understand your plan coverage.

Can I use the Canada Dental Benefit Program to cover tooth extraction?

Yes. Canada Dental Benefit Program typically considers tooth extraction as part of its benefits. This will help offset the expenses associated with tooth extractions.

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