What is the Average Cost if a Dental Implant in Calgary?

Average Cost of Dental Implant in Calgary

Dental implants are the most modern solution to replace missing teeth. It is a complex procedure that involves surgically placing a titanium post into your jawbone and allowing the bone to grow around it. This creates a solid foundation for your future artificial tooth.

Because the post is fixed in the bone, a dental implant can mimic the natural tooth root. It can effectively hold the artificial tooth without dislodging and support your bone and facial muscles. These are feats that other artificial tooth alternatives cannot do. With this advanced treatment, you can confidently smile and comfortably eat your favourite foods.

So you may be wondering, how much would this modern solution cost? Read along to learn more about dental implant costs in Calgary.

Dental Implant Cost in Calgary

How Much Does Dental Implant Cost in Calgary?

A single missing tooth needs one implant post and a crown as the tooth replacement. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of such treatment:

Dental Service Cost
Dental Implant $2,800
Implant Crown & Lab Fees $1,800
TOTAL $4,600

Understanding Dental Implant Prices

Dental Implants are the ideal tooth replacement treatment if you want something that is closest to the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth. In terms of the trend of the cost of dental implants, it has grown over the last few years. This is due to the advancements in the implant field that have increased the long-term success of the treatment with fewer to no complications.

That being said, dental implants can be quite costly. In Calgary, a dental implant with an artificial tooth can cost $4,600 and up. If you are hoping to have a full implant-supported denture, the fee can go up to $20,000 and up depending on the number of dental implants you need.

Getting a dental implant is an investment. Each implant post is designed to last you a lifetime while the tooth attachment can last many years depending on the material you choose to get. And with the implant in place, you can enjoy its multiple benefits such as improved speech, comfort during eating and speaking, more natural-looking and attractive smile, and better overall health.

To give you a better understanding of the cost that comes with dental implants, let’s look at the breakdown and the financing options you can consider should you decide to proceed with the treatment.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Dental Implant in Calgary

  • Number of Missing Teeth – the more missing teeth, the more the number of implants needed to replace them. So, generally, a single tooth implant costs less than full implant dentures. 
  • Preparatory Procedures – bone density plays a big role in the success of the implant surgery. If there is no adequate bone, a bone graft must be placed, and this will come at an additional cost. Other procedures that can increase your fees include extraction of existing decayed teeth, sinus lifting, and gum therapy.
  • Materials – some restorative materials cost more than others. Such that, a single tooth implant to be replaced with a crown can cost less if the material is metal-porcelain compared to other options such as porcelain or zirconia.

How Can I Pay for a Dental Implant?

  • Personal Funds: Out-of-the-pocket expenses can be completed via several options. At Sierra Dental, we offer different payment methods such as cash, personal cheques, debit cards, and major credit cards.
  • Insurance: Insurance coverage varies significantly among insurance plans. If you are affiliated with any insurance provider, let our team know so we can assess if the plan can cover your dental implant fee.
  • Personal Loan: Affirm Canada is a third-party financing service that allows patients to afford dental services, such as a dental implant. This firm offers flexibility and convenience in financing by splitting costs into monthly payments.


How much does a dental implant cost?

At Sierra Dental, we follow the ADA Alberta Fee Guide. Our dental implant with crown starts at $4,600.

Does insurance cover dental implants?

Not all insurance plans provide eligibility for dental implant coverage. It is strongly advised to obtain preauthorization before the treatment to determine if your implant procedure can be covered by your insurance.

Can I use the Canada Dental Benefit Program to cover dental implants?

No. Dental implants are not an eligible service under the Canada Dental Benefit Program.

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