What is the Average Root Canal Cost in Calgary?

Average Root Canal Cost in Calgary

Root canal treatment is the treatment of choice for an infected tooth. The process involves removing inflamed pulp tissues and cleaning the root canal to eliminate bacteria. The procedure restores the tooth to good health and saves it from further complications and possible tooth extraction.

In A;berta, root canal costs typically range from $762 – $1,637. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the cost of your treatment. But ultimately, the difficulty of the procedure dictates how much the expected treatment fee will be. Doing a root canal on the front tooth with one canal costs less than a root canal for the molar tooth which can have up to four canals.

At Sierra Dental, we follow Alberta’s ADA Fee Guide. This is a comprehensive list of dental services and their corresponding average cost as well as other essential details you should know before treatment. We align our dental service fees with the ADA Guide to improve transparency for our patients.

Root CanalCost in Calgary

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost in Calgary?

Dental Service Cost
Root Canal Therapy (1 Canal) Starting at $762
Root Canal Therapy (2 Canals) Starting at $1,109
Root Canal Therapy (3 Canals) Starting at $1,297
Root Canal Therapy (4 Canals) Starting at $1,637

Understanding Root Canal Prices

Root Canal Therapy is a common dental procedure done to save an infected tooth. Following Alberta’s ADA Fee Guide, the root canal cost at Sierra Dental typically ranges from $762 – $1,637.

A successful root canal treatment alleviates pain and swelling and preserves your tooth by removing any infection. By saving your tooth, we avoid the need for tooth extraction and the consequences that come with it. This includes bone loss, which can negatively affect your speech and facial structure. Tooth extraction also comes with additional expenses due to costly tooth replacement options.

After a root canal treatment, the tooth can be capped with a dental crown. This restorative treatment helps restore the natural appearance and function of your tooth. So, you can smile and eat confidently and comfortably.

To give you a better understanding of the root canal cost, here’s a quick look at the cost breakdown and the factors that influence your fees

Factors that Determine the Cost of Root Canal in Calgary

  • Number of Canals: If you need a root canal for the front tooth, you can expect a lower price because only one canal is involved. However, your premolars may have two canals and molars can have up to 4 canals. The more root canals, the higher the treatment cost. An X-ray can help determine the number of root canals of the tooth involved.
  • Condition of the Tooth: Your dentist may recommend getting a dental crown if your root canal treated tooth suffered from severe decay or a large tooth fracture. This is likely to up the cost depending on the type of crown you choose. Otherwise, a tooth in good condition could get away with just a filling which generally costs less.
  • Retreatment of Previous Root Canal: If you had a previous root canal done and the tooth got reinfected, your dentist will need to remove the existing crown if there is any and clean the canal filling. This is an additional procedure that can increase your fees.

How Can I Pay For A Root Canal?

  • Personal Funds – Sierra Dental accepts multiple payment methods for our patient’s convenience. You may opt for cash, personal cheques, debit card, or credit card.
  • Insurance – Some insurance plans cover root canal treatment fees. It is best to review your coverage to determine your inclusions. Should you need assistance, our team will gladly help you out.
  • Canada Dental Benefit Program – This government-sponsored initiative aims to provide Canadians better access to dental care. As of writing, Sierra Dental is currently in the process of reviewing if this can be a payment option for our patients who need root canal treatment.
  • Personal Loans – We offer third-party financing through Affirm Canada, a financial service that allows patients to afford dental care via monthly payment schemes.


Does insurance cover root canal therapy?

Yes, some insurance plans may provide full or partial coverage for your root canal treatment. But, this still depends on your insurance plan. It is best to check with your provider to understand the extent of your coverage.

Can I use the Canada Dental Benefit Program to cover root canal?

Canada Dental Benefit Program can help offset the expenses associated with getting root canal. However, Sierra Dental is still in the process of determining if this can be considered a payment option for our patients needing root canal treatment.

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