chipped-tooth-calgaryYour teeth are made of enamel which is the strongest and hardest substance in your body. Even harder than bone. But, if subjected to direct and heavy forces, they may still chip, crack, or break. And if this happens, you need to visit a chipped tooth dentist in Calgary as soon as possible. This will make all the difference when it comes to preventing further that may even lead to tooth loss.

At Sierra Dental, we are equipped with the latest in dental technology to properly diagnose and treat a damaged tooth. And whether it is a minor chip on the tooth or a more extensive fracture, we have a comprehensive range of treatment options that can help preserve your tooth.

What are the leading causes of chipped teeth?

A chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth may be due to a variety of reasons. And some of the common causes that we see in our Calgary clinic are:

  • Weakened tooth due to decay
  • Accidental blows to the face
  • Falls or car accidents
  • Biting down on hard or chewy food
  • Contact sports
  • Can opening using the teeth
  • Night grinding or bruxism
  • Stress causing teeth clenching

What to do if a permanent or adult tooth is chipped, cracked, broken, or knocked out?

These situations usually happen accidentally. To help relieve you of pain and reduce swelling, take over-the-counter painkillers and apply a direct cold compress on the painful area. Aside from this, here are important things to know that can come in handy until you can visit your dentist.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped permanent tooth can wait until the next day for treatment. But, make sure to visit your dentist soon to prevent other tooth structures from being involved. The tooth enamel is undermined in a chipped tooth, so the damage may extend when you use it to bite.

Cracked Tooth

This happens when you see a break or line on the tooth surface that extends from one side to another. It is very tricky to treat a cracked tooth because the outcome depends on the location and extent of the crack. It is advised that you visit a cracked tooth dentist in Calgary as soon as you see signs of it for early intervention and treatment with desirable results.

Broken Tooth

Meanwhile, a fractured tooth happens when there is a significantly larger tooth surface area involved. If you can save any parts of the tooth, do so. Your dentist will try to mend your tooth using these. Generally, a broken tooth has a good chance of being preserved if the tooth nerve is not involved. 

Knocked-out Tooth

But it is a whole different scenario if your tooth has been knocked out of your mouth. If you can place it back in, do so. Otherwise, place it in a container with milk or your saliva and bring it to your dentist. The general rule is that your dentist needs to be able to put it back in place within the hour to save your tooth.

Treatment Options for Chipped Teeth

So what are the possible options for chipped or cracked teeth? To know the best option, your dentist will first take an X-ray of your tooth to determine the extent of the injury. Then, one of the following treatments can be done to restore and preserve your tooth:

Dental Fillings

Using composite resin that is layered and shaped, your tooth can be restored to its original look and function. Dental fillings are a quick and easy fix, but they are ideally done to fix a small to moderate chipped tooth.

Dental Bonding

For a front tooth that has chipped, dental bonding is a great choice. The material used is also composite resin fillings, but they are made to look more natural. Because aesthetics is a prime consideration for the front tooth, your dentist will colour-match the resin with the surrounding teeth to create a seamless smile.

Dental Veneers

Another option for a chipped tooth for the front teeth is veneers. This is also a cosmetic dentistry treatment to create a more pleasing and proportional smile. And at  Sierra Dental, we do porcelain veneers that have superior aesthetic features for a lifelike, durable, and long-lasting restoration.

To make your veneers, the tooth surface will be slightly shaved off to make space for the porcelain. Then, a mouth impression will be made and this will be sent to the dental lab where your veneers will be made. Once completed, we will schedule you back in so we can bond the veneers to your teeth.

Dental Crowns

For a broken tooth, a dental crown is recommended. This is a “tooth cap” placed over the tooth to protect the remaining structures, rebuild its structural integrity, and restore its appearance. With this, the tooth can look and function like normal.

There are several types of crowns such as all-porcelain which is perfect for a broken front tooth or a metal-porcelain which has both reliable durability and aesthetics for restoration of the back tooth. These are made in the laboratory and will be bonded in place for a long-term solution to a broken tooth. With a dental crown, the tooth is preserved and functionally enhanced.

Wearing a Nightguard

One of the most common causes of a chipped or broken tooth is night grinding or clenching. This is a bad oral habit that causes the teeth to wear down and break easily. And it is mostly due to stress or an abnormal bite. If you are a teeth grinder, even if restorations are made on your worn-down teeth to make them look more appealing, the problem will only recur unless bruxism is addressed.

So as you get your stress managed or bite problems fixed, you can keep your restorations in good condition by wearing a nightguard. This is worn during your sleep to prevent direct forces against the teeth, preventing cracked teeth.

Tooth Extraction

However, if there is an insufficient amount of tooth structures left to restore and if major risks are present such as swelling, then your dentist in Calgary will advise getting the tooth removed instead.

But do not worry because your dentist will exhaust all measures to keep the tooth before resorting to removal. Only sometimes, extraction may be better than saving the tooth to prevent complications such as infection.

How much does a chipped tooth cost to fix?

As soon as you see the signs of a chipped tooth or if your tooth has been accidentally knocked out, visit your chipped tooth dentist in Calgary for urgent treatment. The sooner you visit, the better the chances are when it comes to preserving your natural tooth.

At Sierra Dental, we remain transparent in our fees. And as for the cost to fix a chipped tooth, this will depend on the treatment that needs to be done. You can browse Alberta’s ADA fee guide which we implement in our clinic. But for a better estimate, schedule a visit with our dentist and they will walk you through your treatment and fees.

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth that needs fixing…

Our dentists at Sierra Dental can gladly help! Aside from our broad treatment options, we also have friendly dentists with a genuine heart to serve. And they can take your tooth from chipped to beautiful with safe and efficient treatments. To learn more, call us at 403 – 297 – 9600.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Sierra Dental, we are always transparent about the costs of our dental procedures. We follow the ADA fee guide for all services. And for regular dental cleaning and check-up, the cost starts at $110. This can change depending on the treatments you need (exams, X-rays, scaling, polishing, and perio check) and how long each will be done. This will be discussed with you before the procedure starts so you know what to expect.

A dental X-ray is an important diagnostic tool that dentists use to create a suitable treatment plan. Your dentist may recommend that you get an X-ray if there are areas in your mouth that potentially needs treatment. This helps identify tooth decay, periodontal disease, impacted teeth, and even dental cysts or infections. So if any signs point to these problems, your dentist may ask that you get an X-ray.

Generally, visiting your hygienist for teeth cleaning is done twice a year, that’s every 6 months. But if you are experiencing gum disease or perio problems, you may be asked that you see your Calgary dentist on a three-month cycle. This is to prevent bacteria from thriving that may eat away the bone surrounding the teeth to eventually cause teeth loss.

If your teeth are healthy and clean, your teeth cleaning appointment should take around 30 minutes. But if hard deposits are present, then your hygienist will extra time and effort to scrape these away. This is especially if deep scaling is needed where calculus is removed from underneath the gums. As a general rule, the healthier your teeth are, the lesser time you have to spend on the dental chair for teeth cleaning.

To some degree, yes it can. Plaque and tartar have an unsightly yellow colour that can affect how your smile looks. But with teeth cleaning, these are effectively removed to achieve a whiter smile. Aside from that, polishing the teeth after scaling is also effective in removing uneven coloured surface stains. But for a more noticeable whitening effect, you may need to explore professional teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth cleaning should not hurt. Especially for those who regularly get their teeth cleaning and dental check-ups done. But if there are deposits present underneath the gums or if you have gum disease, some level of tooth sensitivity can be experienced.  This is as your hygienist scrapes deep into the gums to completely remove all irritants. If necessary, we can administer local anesthesia on areas needing deep scaling.

Gum disease or gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria and irritants that get trapped underneath the gums. When these are not removed, they can cause infection. Some common signs of gum disease are:

Bad breath
Tender gums that easily bleed
Painful gums
Gums that have pulled away from the teeth
Tooth sensitivity
Loose teeth

Gum disease is reversible. Once the irritants are removed, your gums will heal. But if left untreated, gum disease can progress to periodontal disease. This will affect not just your gums but the bone surrounding the teeth. Periodontal disease remains irreversible, with long-term effects that can cause loss of teeth. So make sure to visit your dentist in Calgary regularly for teeth cleaning to prevent these consequences.

Sierra Dental in Calgary accepts most insurance providers. You are welcome to call our office so we can check if we can accommodate yours. In any case, we recommend that you bring your insurance information during your visit so we can assess your coverage and whether your plan includes dental cleaning benefits.

Enjoy a Healthy Smile with Sierra Dental

Prevention is always better than cure. This is the same for your oral health. And there is no better way to prevent dental problems than through preventative dental care such as routine dental exams and check-ups. With good at-home oral hygiene and the care of your dentists, we can work together to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile now and into the future.

To book your appointment for teeth cleaning, call us today at 403 – 297 – 9600. Our team is looking forward to meeting you!

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