What is the Average Teeth Whitening Cost in Calgary?

Average Teeth Whitening Cost in Calgary
Please note that each patient’s needs are unique, and an individual consultation is required to confirm accurate treatment diagnosis and fees.

Teeth Whitening is a safe, quick, and easy procedure that removes stains and discolourations to instantly brighten the smile. It uses safe concentrations of bleaching gel that penetrate the tooth surface for a whiter smile.

Teeth can naturally turn a yellowish colour as you age. Discolourations may also occur if you consume staining food and drinks often. This includes tea, wine, coffee, tomato-based sauces, and turmeric and curry, among many others. It can also occur due to nicotine smoking or chewing.

To bring back those pearly whites and improve your overall smile, you may consider Teeth Whitening. Teeth Whitening costs in Calgary range from $150 – $609, depending on the type of whitening treatment you opt for. This is the standard pricing determined by Alberta’s ADA Fee Guide, a standardized fee guide for dental treatments in Calgary.

Teeth Whitening Cost in Calgary

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Calgary?

Dental Service Cost
Take Home Whitening $150
In Office Whitening Starting at $350

Understanding Teeth Whitening Prices

Teeth Whitening at Sierra Dental can be done in two ways – either Take Home Whitening or In Office Whitening. Take Home Whitening is a more affordable choice with the treatment cost at $150.

Each whitening kit contains customized whitening trays that fit snugly on your teeth and bleaching gels. You are to personally put the whitening tray with gel on your teeth for a few hours for 1 – 2 weeks or until your desired results are achieved.

Meanwhile, In Office Whitening is done and supervised by your dentist. It uses a higher concentration of whitening ingredients and LED light that accelerates and enhances the bleaching effect.

After placing a lip and gum barrier, your dentist will directly paint the whitening gel on each tooth which is then activated by the LED light. The entire process takes only a single dental visit and can whiten the teeth up to 8 shades.

Because of the longer lasting and more dramatic whitening effect of the In Office treatment, they do cost more with fees starting at $350.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Teeth Whitening in Calgary

  • In Office vs At Home: The main factor that dictates the cost is the procedure you go for. In Office Whitening costs more because it can help you achieve a whiter smile quicker, safer, and easier compared to At Home Whitening. It also involves the use of advanced equipment such as a LED light for an even better whitening experience and result.

How Can I Pay for Teeth Whitening?

Sierra Dental accepts various payment methods for improved patient convenience. This includes cash, personal cheques, debit, Mastercard, Visa, or AmEx.


Does insurance cover Teeth Whitening?

Procedures under cosmetic dental care, such as teeth whitening, are often excluded from coverage by most insurance plans.

Can I use the Canada Dental Benefit Program to cover Teeth Whitening?

No. Canada Dental Benefit Program is mainly for preventative and basic dental care. This does not include Teeth Whitening.

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