What is the Average Cost of a Dental Bridge in Calgary?

Average Dental Bridge Cost in Calgary

Dental bridge can replace 1 – 2 missing teeth. It consists of crowns that fit over the natural teeth on each side of the gap and artificial teeth that “bridge” the gap in your smile. A dental bridge can complete your teeth, effectively restore chewing function, and enhance your smile.

But, not all dental bridges are made the same. That being said, there is no “one price fits all” for a dental bridge. The dental bridge cost varies depending on the material to be used, pre-procedures to be done, and the number of missing teeth.

At Sierra Dental, our dental bridge price range typically ranges from $3,388 – $4,262 for a 3-unit bridge. This follows Alberta’s ADA Fee Guide for standard pricing across all dental treatments.

Dental Bridge Cost in Calgary

How Much Does Dental Bridge Cost in Calgary?

Dental Service Cost
Dental Abutment (Supporting adjacent tooth) $954
Dental Pontic (Artificial tooth) $430
Dental Abutment (Supporting adjacent tooth) $954
Lab Fees $1,050
TOTAL $3,388

Understanding Dental Bridge Prices

A traditional dental bridge contains 2 supporting adjacent teeth called abutments that are found on either side of the tooth gap. This will support the future artificial tooth called the pontic. This comprises a total of 3 units for a single dental bridge.

With a complete set of teeth, a bridge can help enhance your appearance by filling in any space, restore your comfort in eating by providing proper support for biting and chewing, and improve your oral health by preventing wear on other teeth and future teeth misalignment.

Because of the many benefits of a dental bridge, many patients opt for this procedure over other alternative treatments. To give you a better understanding of the cost, here is a guide to the factors that may influence the expected fees.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Dental Bridge in Calgary

  • Material: The most affordable material for a dental bridge is porcelain-fused-to-metal. For other options such as porcelain or zirconia, you can expect a higher cost.
  • Pre-procedures: If there is significant damage to the adjacent teeth, a composite build-up is necessary to rebuild and strengthen them. This will increase the cost but is essential to improve the long-term success of your dental bridge.
  • Number of Pontics: The pontics refer to the artificial teeth on your dental bridge that will replace the missing teeth. Essentially, the more missing teeth, the higher the cost.

How Can I Pay for a Dental Bridge?

  • Personal Funds: Sierra Dental accepts several payment methods such as cash, personal cheques, debit cards, or credit cards.
  • Insurance: Contact your insurance provider to learn more about your policy and understand if a dental bridge is part of your coverage.


Does insurance cover a dental bridge?

Most dental insurances typically includes coverage for a dental bridge, whether partial or full. However, since dental bridges are considered a major procedure, preauthorization is required prior to treatment to determine your eligibility.

Can I use the Canada Dental Benefit Program to cover a dental bridge?

No. Unfortunately, the Canada Dental Benefit Program does not have dental bridges as part of their covered services.

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