Can Invisalign Fix Relapsed Teeth?

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Invisalign And Relapsed Teeth

One of the major fears that people have when they decide to get braces (especially later in life) is that their teeth are going to relapse (i.e., revert back to their original positioning after the treatment). While this has been known to happen, and braces are never a 100% guarantee your teeth are going to remain fixed for the rest of your life, there are measures you can take if your teeth to begin to relapse that doesn’t require paying for another round of braces.

People who come into the orthodontist because their teeth have relapsed after a round of braces often are not recommended to go for a new round of braces. What is often recommended is that they opt, instead, for Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is discreet and not as invasive as braces, allowing people to fix relapsed teeth in a way that is much less obvious than it would be with braces.

Invisalign aligners are able to fix relapsed teeth because they are made from hard plastic, which gradually helps move your teeth into an aligned position. You only need to wear each Invisalign aligner for a couple of weeks at a time and every time you switch out and change your aligners, your teeth are going to get gradually closer to the desired outcome. They are great because they are clear, so it is nearly impossible, to the untrained eye, to tell that you are wearing them.

The aligners can be removed during brushing and meals so that you can ensure you are still properly taking care of your oral hygiene. Fixing relapsed teeth with Invisalign typically involves a 12-month treatment period, sometimes shorter depending on the severity of the relapse, so you are able to get the treatment out of the way comparatively fast and effectively.

If you are experiencing relapsed teeth after a round of braces, and you are looking for another option besides the second round of braces to help correct any misalignment, you should definitely speak to your dentist about Invisalign. Keep the above information in mind going in and understand the benefits of a round of Invisalign treatment of relapsed teeth.

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