Why Do I Need X-Rays When I Visit the Dentist?

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Dental x-rays are a critical element of dental care. They are now widely used across the country as a means to detect dental health issues before they cause the patient further problems. Many patients remain confused on the use of dental x-ray machines, and don’t have a full understanding on their uses and benefits. In order to help provide a clear understanding on the subject, in this post we’ll look at the importance of dental x-rays within the treatment process.

Dental X-Rays

Gaining the Full Picture on a Patient’s Dental Health

Using just their eyes, dentists can only see visible dental health issues on the patient’s gums and teeth. Teeth issues are not always visible and this means that dentists must use x-rays to gain a closer look at the changes taking place in the patient’s mouth. The x-rays provide dental health professionals a clear insight into potential dental health problems. For example, the dentist can see whether the patient has cavities before they begin the treatment process. This can help ensure that the cavities are treated quickly and effectively and can help minimize the potential pain suffered by the patient over time.

Screening for Oral Cancers

Oral cancer is one of the most dangerous dental health conditions, and impacts millions of North Americans each year. It’s important to catch oral cancer in its beginning stages in order to avoid more complex medical treatment. Dental health professionals use digital x-rays to detect potential oral cancer growths. Once these growths have been detected through the digital x-rays, the specialist can then make a prompt diagnosis and help the patient to begin their treatment process. It’s a diagnostic tool that has been used to save thousands of lives across the globe since it’s been integrated within modern dental care facilities.

Identification of Mouth Injuries

Harnessing the latest in digital x-ray technology, experts can quickly identify the damage a person has sustained as a result of an injury to their mouth. The problem could be a broken jaw or tooth damage. Using digital x-rays allows for these types of injuries to be quickly and effectively treated, helping save the patient time and money in terms of future care requirements.

The digital x-ray is becoming a crucial tool within dental offices across the country. To learn more on their applications, contact our trusted office team directly!


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